Training Special Needs

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Special Needs Sports Programs that Improve Confidence and Athletic Ability

Regardless of a child’s ability level, DX3 sees every child the same… deserving the best possible opportunity to thrive!

Team DX3 has worked with special needs kids for over 10 years in all facets of deficiencies, learning disabilities and physical limitations. Our methodology for all athletes remains the same: give every child a positive experience improving their confidence and athletic ability.

We use the term “athletic ability” not necessarily referring to sports but rather to the essential movement patterns and fundamentals every child should possess physically and cognitively. “Lifestyle Performance” is a great way to think of it, we want to help all kids perform life better.

Regardless of neurological or neuromuscular development level, all children should have the opportunity to be confidently, physically active with other children to the best of their ability.

By “Taking Time to Teach” and engaging kids where they are, we can positively engage, educate and excel their athletic development. As a result they become passionate about personal improvement and training.

With our special needs sports programs, Team DX3 works closely with MDs, Pediatricians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists and other health care professionals and educators to ensure our programming aligns with the goals of both the client and their supervising healthcare professional.

We invite all children to come and experience firsthand how we are different. We want to show them how passionate we are about making them feel as important as they are!

Come experience a life changing session with Team DX3!