DX3 Training at TCASports Training at Trinity Christian Academy - HS boys ladder

TCA MS and US athletes train with DX3 pre-season, in-season, and off-season. 5th and 6th grade athletes are encouraged to train with the same team that makes our MS and US athlete FASTER, STRONGER, and SAFER! Kids will be learning the same programming as the MS & US athletes in an age-appropriate, fun, group environment of their peers lead by a DX3 Coach. 

DX3 teaches cognitive lessons so your kids learn how to properly train, how to run correctly, and how to be better athletes.

Sports Training at Trinity Christian Academy

Small Group Training at the TCA Athletic Training Center
DX3 staff escort students to the ATC from the north side of the field house by the stone tables at 3;25 pm. Students should be picked up after workout at the ATC.

Boys grades 5 and 6: Tuesday and Thursday 3:25-4:15 pm, $150 per month for 2 sessions per week, $75 per month for 1 session per week, or $20 per session drop-in

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Group training prepares kids to play within a team dynamic. They are spurred on by those around them and encourage others. We know that some kids need a little more help building confidence and learning the basics and some kids need the advanced training that private training provides.

Private Training at the ATC or The DX3 Jungle in Frisco Sports Training at Trinity Christian Academy - Meg hurdles

The Mayo clinic says kids should start formalized training when they start formalized play, typically the age 7. So DX3 trains kids age 7 and up. DX3 can do paid private sessions with all TCA athletes, even US athletes.

Dealing with injuries or special needs, DX3 can meet your kids
where they are and take them where they want to be!

Adult Private Training and Moms Small Group Training at the ATC

We know that moms and dads need to stay fit too. We have private training available for both of you and Small Group Training for the ladies (sorry guys).

Moms Group Training: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:30-2:30, $125 per month for 3 sessions per week or $100 per month for 2 sessions per week, Contact Us for more details