Strength Training

YES, age-appropriate strength training is highly recommended by the Mayo Clinic starting as early as age 7!

No, this is not the traditional thought of “weight lifting or body building,” rather safe, appropriate resistance training using body weight and ancillary equipment such as bands, med balls, sand bells and light dumbbells safely progressing youth to the next level of training.

strength trainingDoesn’t it only make sense that if a child is going to be physically active at any level, running, jumping, climbing, throwing, hitting or even playing on a playground, that their young bodies, joints and muscles are properly prepared to do so?

For many years there has been misinformation, misunderstanding and a wrong perception of youth strength training. It boils down to the safe, progressive development of a child at any age based on current level, technical ability and the understanding of physical and mental readiness. “The bottom line is if you can’t execute an exercise safely and correctly, you should not advance in weight, exercise complexity or otherwise.” RN

Understanding the importance of cultivation, age-appropriate development, and the challenges of the past/current paradigm of training year-round, the DX3 mission is and has been to help educate people.

The latest research from all authorities unanimously have shown with statistic based medical research and study that it is crucial to the future of all youth to engage in strength training as a component of safe fitness development. Strength training has proven to reduce the risk of injury while better preparing the body physically. It is even stated that it is more important to their future, lifestyle, and health to engage in fitness development than sports as one day, sports will end.

DX3 strength training provides youth with the tools they need to be faster, stronger, more confident, and better overall. Come see what DX3 training can do for your kids.