Jungle Memberships

Instructor-Led Small Group Training

Instructor-led small group training allows kids to adjust, become confident and learn to cohesively train among their peers, which they will be doing throughout their sports career. Kids learn to stay focused, be confident when faced with competition, and grow comfortable training among all levels of athletes leading and being led.

How Does a Membership at the Jungle work?

We make it simple so it works with your schedule. Instructor-led small group training sessions start on the hour and half hour during our Open Hours. You can register online or onsite and you don’t have to sign up for a particular time. Just show up, sign in, and go hard! Athletes train for one hour which includes both speed and age-appropriate strength training.

Parents can drop off their athletes and pick them up an hour later or stay and watch. We respectfully ask parents to wait outside the Jungle gate to allow more space for athletes and to avoid unnecessary risk and distraction. Parents will on occasion be invited in to discuss certain aspects of their child’s training, however unless invited in we ask parents to watch from behind the gate.