Private Training

One on One Training that Engages, Educates, and Executes

one on one sports trainingAt DX3 we provide all levels and scenarios of training. We specialize in training youth and feel that it is necessary for success to engage kids in 3 types of environments:

  • Sterile 1-1 Coaching: This allows us the opportunity to asses, engage and teach the child the intricacies of training, coaching cues and drills while addressing their individual needs to build self-confidence preparing them to transition into group training.

1-on-1 training is important and should be incorporated, especially when a child needs specialized attention or work. However, we never recommend ONLY one on one sports training because it creates a bit of alienation and unfamiliar circumstances when the child is among peers.

  • Small Group/Team: this style of training allows the child to adjust, become confident and learn to cohesively train among their peers
  • Large Group: this allows the child to learn to stay focused, be confident when faced with competition and grow accustom to training among kids of all levels, learning to lead and be led.

One on one sports training is a great place to start with any child to ensure their understanding of training and address any specific needs they require to get up to speed and be confident when put into a more competitive environment.

Online Registration and Payment

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1-on-1 Training:jungle 1 on 1 edited
$80 per 1 hour session or $700 for 10
$40 per 1/2 hour session or $350 for 10

1-on-2 Training:
$100 per 1 hour session or $900 for 10

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