Team Training

T.E.A.M = “Together Every Athlete Matters”

sports team trainingIn every sport your child practices and plays in a group or team setting. The majority of their training should not be any different. DX3 prepares kids by training them in the same conditions they will play in. There is definitely a place for one-on-one, sterile environment training, but that should only be a fraction of their overall training conditions.

  • Team Training: this style of training allows the child to adjust, become confident and learn to cohesively train among their peers, which they will be doing throughout their sports career
  • Sterile 1-1 Coaching: This allows us the opportunity to asses, engage and teach the child the intricacies of training, coaching cues and drills while addressing their individual needs to build self-confidence preparing them to transition into group training.
  • Small Group: this allows the child to learn to stay focused, be confident when faced with competition and grow used to training among all levels of athletes leading and being led.

DX3 Team Training builds team confidence, team unity, team cohesion and team success. Kids that struggle together and are challenged together succeed together.

Whether team training is in one of our facilities or on your fields or courts during your practices, DX3 can deliver.

Private Team Training: Contact Us for more information.
DX3 will create a custom package for your team. Train in one of our locations or yours.

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