Summer Football Camp

Youth Football Camps: Summer is Athletic Development Season… Make the most of it!youth football camps - DX3 and Frisco Football League

It is important to capitalize on the opportunity for athletes to go to the next level during June, July and August as the summer months are technically “off-season” and “pre-season.” Summertime presents a unique opportunity for athletes to engage in learning, developing and training with a dedicated focus on improvement.


~Athletes make the most athletic gains in the summer.
~Athletes only doing skill training will digress in strength, speed and power.
~Athletes who train in the summer are better prepared and substantially reduce their risk of injury.
~Athletes who do not develop and learn programming in the summer are behind the curve during the year.

August 7th-11th: Monday-Friday 9-11 a.m.

Tackle and Flag Football players ages 6-12, separated by age and ability as needed.
We don’t herd cattle, 1:15 Ratio of coach to kids.

Cost: $99youth football camps - DX3 and Frisco Football League

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