Fitness Training

Fitness Training: Learn, Develop and Master

sports performance training Frisco Plano Dallas TXHow’s your child performing? Do they seem sluggish? Is it a struggle to get them moving at all? Do you feel your child could be performing better if they had the right confidence, motivation, direction and performance training?

We practice year-round performance training strategically planning around all other physical activities, staying focused on improving on a child’s weakness and addressing any deficiencies they have in their current training and practice programs.

Ever heard the saying, “A good athlete is born but a great kid is developed”? That’s what we do at DX3 – make kids great. The program that works the best is the one we want to do, therefore we do it the most. Kids are no different, that’s why it’s crucial to their success to have a positive, engaging experience with the right people and the right performance training program.

“Skills are crucial, but the speed and power of delivery determine one’s level of play!” Ronnie Natali