See What Parents Are Saying

youth sports training programAt DX3 we provide all levels and scenarios of training. We specialize in training youth and feel that it is necessary for success to engage kids in 3 types of environments.

Our goals:

  • Kids love us
  • Parents support us
  • Coaches advocate us

Our biggest compliments on our youth training program:

”My child loves to come work out with you guys, he/she literally wants to come every day!”

“It is amazing the improvement everyone has noticed in my child’s self -confidence and athleticism”

“You have made such a difference in my child’s life, thank you”

“Mom, can we come back tomorrow?”

My sons have trained with Ronnie and his DX3 team for over 8 years and are now 21 and 24 years old. They have become self-confident men who have adopted a healthy training lifestyle and still to this day can’t wait to go workout with the DX3 guys!” “PS: My 21 year old has Autism and has developed the confidence, positive attitude, knowledge and strength to train with athletes of any level! – Gloria B (Mom)

My 11 year old daughter was heart-broken and devastated when she could not play volleyball due to a shoulder injury and was going to just give up sports all together. After every test and therapy under the sun, we were referred to Ronnie and his DX3 Team. Although skeptical, my daughter gave training a shot. Well, to say the least, not only is she healthy, strong and a better athlete, she loves to train now and is a captain on an elite team that Ronnie referred us to! – Deborah C (Mom)

My 2 boys 9 and 10 have trained with the DX3 team for 2 years now and they have become not only better athletes, but better kids. The care that the DX3 team puts into their training, taking time to teach, connecting with the kids and making it fun has changed my boys perception of exercise and their lives. – Johanna A. (Mom)

The experts at DX3 are not just knowledgeable, they are extremely passionate about what they are doing and you just know their heart and souls are in their work. They build relationships with parents, coaches and kids to ensure they are all on the same page in the best interest of the child. Knowing someone cares about my kid and the other aspects of his life are truly what make a parent feel great about a program.” Team DX3- these guys are the real deal – Steve K. (Dad, Coach, Fan)