Track & Cross Country

Youth Track & Cross Country Training:

Speed can be taught and everyone can go faster!

Mechanics Produce Efficiency, Efficiency Produces Speed!track and cross country training

Speed is your game, whether 100 meters or 26.2 miles, whether on an asphalt track, on a turf field or hard court, or on a cross country course, speed wins… period. Some people are just born to run. Some people are fast, some are faster, and then there are those who are definitely the fastest, those who are always one step ahead of the pack.

The Speed Training Team at DX3 Athlete teaches athletes how to achieve the mechanical efficiency that is guaranteed to increase speed. Partner this with appropriate preparation, strength and flexibility training and you have a proven recipe for SPEED! Anyone can be trained to run faster if they have the desire to improve their velocity.

Come Go Faster with DX3! Call or visit us to learn more about our results-oriented track and cross country training.

DX3 develops strength, speed, agility, and confidence in youth of all sports and all abilities.
We teach, our kids learn, and the lessons are taken with them for life.