Soccer Training

youth soccer training

Youth Soccer Training: Speed Kills, Agility Dominates!

Walk, jog, sprint, run absolutely as hard as you can, stop, change directions and repeat…These are the speeds and modalities of a soccer player. Oh yea, and don’t forget think, dribble, pass, trap, kick, block, steal and every other imaginable foot movement possible along with a few headers. Wow, I’m exhausted talking about it much less doing it.

Then, there’s our game saving goalies who don’t run as much but must have tremendous quickness, agility and athletic ability to accompany the stress of stopping a ball traveling at them with vengeance.

The bottom line is if you play soccer, you have to be smart, fast, agile and strong to be a respectable player. DX3 can train you to not only be better, but be your best.

DX3 develops strength, speed, agility, and confidence in youth of all sports and all abilities.
We teach, our kids learn and the lessons are taken with them for life.