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Gymnastics Training at DX3 Athlete

Gymnastics is a fundamental root of athleticism. The basis of early childhood development includes tumbling, jumping, climbing and attempting all kinds of crazy stunts. All of these relate to gymnastics in one way or another.

Obviously, as kids progress through the levels of gymnastics it becomes a very demanding, high output, extremely physical and mental performance-based sport. We consider gymnastics absolutely one of the best developmental activities for any youth and definitely one of the most physical demanding.

Gymnastics develops youth neurologically, in addition to strength, speed, power, dexterity and absolute bodyweight efficiency. These are all elements of athleticism that every child should be working on and correlate to exactly what DX3 teaches through Athletic Performance.

As a gymnast, you are continuously progressing through the rigors of many hours in the gym learning, developing and mastering your disciplines. Although this process alone is a pretty extensive load, it is crucial to your progress that you train, strengthen and condition your body to endure the stress of these rigors.

DX3 understands the necessary training modalities to compliment and supplement your extensive gymnastics training to provide de-loading exercises, speed and power enhancing protocols in addition to recovery based resistance practices that will all in turn, condition your body to perform better.

The big questions are always, how much is too much? How young is too young?

The answer is simple, EVERYONE at every age should be properly prepared, conditioned and trained to endure their applied demands. Furthermore, they must understand what it takes to recover and stay healthy during the process including nutrition, rest, flexibility, range of motion, strength, power and speed.

DX3 can provide all of these to support your ability to perform at your very best every day! Additionally, if you should ever have any type of injury or over-use issue, DX3 can provide you with all of the necessary attention to get you back 100%.

Allow us the opportunity to teach you how to better prepare, develop and take care of your body to get to the next level.