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youth baseball and softball training

DX3 Athlete’s Youth Baseball and Softball Training: Rotation Domination

Baseball and Softball are intelligent games of strategy, speed, power and accuracy. As a player you need the ability to be patient yet powerful while maintaining your cool, preserving your body and being ready to deliver 100% every play.

Rotational athletes have un-natural stress put on their bodies due to their movement patterns causing opposing breakdowns, deficiencies and imbalances that have to be addressed for longevity. A player is only as good as his health and a slow or weak player is always a concern and liability to his team and a mark for their opponent.

DX3 Athlete specializes in Athletic Development and Sports Performance Training with simple, proven techniques for “Learning, Developing and Mastering” speed, strength and rotational power.

DX3 Athlete Youth Baseball and Softball Training Includes:

Rotation DominationDeveloping Power to Safely Hit and Throw Hard…Real Hard
As a rotational athlete it is crucial to learn and understand the mechanics involved in developing strength, speed and power to deliver the greatest amount of force when hitting and throwing. Learning to use your entire body to deliver power will take your swing to the next level. Rotation Domination will teach you how to implement these practices making you as powerful as possible!

60 & 90 Feet of SpeedMastering the Art and Science of Base Running
Your ability to get from base to base is about reaction, situation and the ability to accelerate from a lead off position or on an arch. Learning the proper techniques will give you the advantage of efficiency allowing you to react and run faster.  Our simple mechanical adjustments are guaranteed to make you a better base runner.

Shoulder 9.1.1.Preservation of the Rotational Athlete
1,000 throws and swings on the right but how many on the left, or vice versa for you southpaws? All of your strength and power going full force on one side leaves the other side doing nothing but getting weaker, allowing you to over rotate and get hurt. Your throw is hard but how are your brakes to avoid shoulder separation? This training will focus on balance, posterior development, injury management and more.

Fix My 60Perfect your 60 with Mechanics and Stealing Time
SPEED is the #1 thing every coach, recruiter and player sees, fears and respects. Perfecting your start, mechanical efficiency, turnover and the strength to deliver at a high rate of speed equals a guaranteed faster 60. In this session you will get faster and understand how to perfect your form.

DX3 develops strength, speed, agility, and confidence in youth of all sports and all abilities.
We teach, our kids learn and the lessons are taken with them for life.


FBSA Players Special

FBSA and DX3 Athlete are excited to offer all FBSA Players a special rate at the DX3 Jungle. Become a better athlete with more speed, power, and confidence that translates into being a better baseball or softball player.

DX3 Special for ALL FBSA players, boys and girls ages 7 and up:

  • $99 per month Unlimited small group training in the DX3 Jungle ($179 value)

  • Join any day of the month, your month lasts for 30 or 31 days

  • Register HERE

  • Special Team rate available (10+ players) Contact Us for more information

Professionally supervised, small group, age-appropriate performance training by people who care about your kids and are passionate about improving their lives! 60 minute sessions start on the hour and 1/2 hour and no appointment is necessary. See details on memberships HERE.

DX3 has you covered for your End of Season Party too! We would love to help you celebrate your successes and opportunities to learn this season. Click Here for more information.