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Youth Sport Training Program to develop All-Around Athletes

Kids in youth sports are developing at earlier ages every year. From lacrosse to volleyball, baseball to football, basketball to soccer and every sport in-between, there are athletes competing for a starting or even playing position that will lead to the next level of play. No one wants to see their kid sitting in disappointment on the bench. We don’t send soldiers off to war and then bring them home to train… Kids should be trained in Athletic Development before, during and after sports starting as early as age 7 according to the Mayo Clinic.

DX3 develops strength, speed, agility, and confidence in youth of all sports and all abilities. We teach, our kids learn and the lessons are taken with them for life.

With a personalized approach and recipe for success that works, our young athletes get stronger, get faster and become more agile than ever in a safe, tried program. More than 1 million young athletes have proven the DX3 program works. You know those young people who can pick any ball and act like they have been doing that sport since they were born? Although it’s easy to not like those “all-around athletes,” we do. In fact, we love them because even they need specialized training.

If this is you, listen up. Our coaches will maximize what you are best at doing and optimize what you want to be better at doing. With this customized, age-appropriate training, you will go from wanting to do your best to being your best in no time!