The DX3 Jungle

youth sports training facilities Frisco TX

Welcome to The Jungle!

Frisco’s Foremost Youth Sports Performance Training Facility!

youth sports training facilities Frisco TXThe DX3 Jungle is an out-of-the-box training facility built for youth athletes. We specialize in Youth Performance Training making kids Faster, Stronger, and Safer. Our supervised training programs meet kids where they are and take them to the next level.

We don’t send soldiers off to war and then bring them home to train… Kids should be trained in Athletic Development before, during and after sports starting as early as age 7 according to the Mayo Clinic.

Team DX3 coaches are experts in engaging and developing youth. Our training programs emphasize the cognitive, mental and physical techniques and lessons leading to kids becoming more athletic! You will watch your child learn, build self-confidence, enjoy working hard and be excited to train.

What is Training at the Jungle?

One hour training sessions start on the hour and half-hour consisting of approximately 30 minutes of speed training and 30 minutes of circuit style, age-appropriate resistance training.

No need to sign up for a particular time…Show Up, Sign-in, Go Hard!

To be a better athlete you must address all aspects of development…speed, strength, balance, core, agility, etc. Our diverse yet balanced training programs are progressive in nature, making kids better no matter where they start.  Kids are active, learning, and growing with DX3.

Parents can drop off their athletes and pick them up an hour later or stay and watch. We respectfully ask parents to wait outside the Jungle gate to allow more space for athletes and to avoid unnecessary risk and distraction. Parents will on occasion be invited in to discuss certain aspects of their child’s training, however unless invited in we ask parents to watch from behind the half wall.

“Good Athletes are born… Great Kids are Developed!” – Ronnie Natali