DX3 Elite

Upper Level, Older Youth Athletes Going Hard & Getting Better

high schoolers 1DX3 Elite includes all aspects of Athletic Development and Advanced Performance Training geared towards athletes looking to play at a higher level.

Come prepared to work, learn, and advance, and if you’re bringing excuses or negativity, don’t bother coming, leave that weak sauce at home! Be ready for high level intensity.

This is a no frills, leave your phone in the car, Go Hard or Stay Home training session. 

DX3 has added an overtime period for this Elite class of 9th through 12th graders

Monday – Thursday 7-8 pm and Saturdays 10-11 am

brady w HS girlJoin at a Special $99 per month unlimited membership rate (Purchase an Unlimited Membership at the $179 rate and use promocode “Elite” at checkout) or at the normal 1 time per week rate of $79 per month.

Register for a free session or purchase a membership here.