Train Kids Now, Inc.

This is more than business. It’s personal.

sports training for kidsOur corporate name says it all – “Train Kids Now.” For some companies, there is a business focus to sports training for kids. It’s a sound business model because some children need the extra tutelage to become everything they were destined to become.

For us, it is so much more.

Young people deserve to become their best. This is one of the mantras of our founder Ronnie Natali. His approach to training youth is simple: Young people will come to discover how to be the best, but DX3 and Train Kids Now (TKN) wants the kids and coaches who want to be their best.

DX3 coaches do not undermine other programs that any kid is using. Instead, we find what is missing and working and make it more effective with the proper tools and resources that enhance that program’s productivity.

Parents, this entire experience is for you as well. TKN is a resource that you can use to help train your child and guide him or her.. By educating parents, empowering coaches and exciting the youth about fitness and goodwill competition, we can bridge the gap of the unknown and misinformation while creating a passion for health in their minds and hearts.