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Meet our Team

youth sports coaches frisco txTeam DX3 is not like the other guys. We are not ordinary, the same old stuff or people herding kids like cattle with no real direction or purpose. We do not see your child as one more kid in our program, they are unique, they are special, and we want to support their passion for being their best.

Yes our coaches have degrees               Yes our coaches have certifications
Yes they played college sports              Yes they are back ground checked
Yes we are professionals                        Yes we are insured
Yes we have experience                          Yes we have lot’s of experience…Blah, Blah, Blah

However, what does any of this mean if we can’t engage, excite and teach your child? So why does DX3 look, feel, act, dress, teach and lead differently? Because we are focused on connecting with, teaching and developing kids in a way that they understand and get excited about.

The most important aspect of training a child is understanding and connecting with them. We have to be creative instructors who can deliver programming they understand. One thing we have all learned in this day of social and viral media is, we can be anybody we want in the virtual world and credentials or “BIG Names” are not necessarily part of the real character and deliverable.

Team DX3 is made up of passionate people who built our company through the practical influence and experience of changing kids lives by making them better athletes. Our team sees every child as an opportunity to instill life change, direction, confidence and positive values. We are different because we teach, our kids learn and the lessons are taken with them for life.

85% of all youth coaches are parents and volunteers in which more than 80% have no real expertise or training in youth Athletic Development. Those are not the people who make up our team at DX3. We are not ordinary, cliché or like any of the other guys! We train kids, that’s what we do, that’s all we do!

By placing children ages 8 through 18 in age- and gender-specific performance training, our coaches create an opportunity to learn what serves your student athlete best. With a personalized approach and recipe for success that works, our young athletes get stronger, get faster and become more agile than ever in a safe, tried program. More than 1m young athletes have proven the DX3 program works.

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Ronnie Natali AKA “Dreamer” : President & Founder

Ronnie Natali AKA “Dreamer”

President & Founder


I've spent 24 years learning how to make kids better! “I believe all kids love to play and my mission is to provide quality people and a training program that will excite them encouraging personal ownership in their physical development. Their adoption into the program will drive compliance improving their performance and self-esteem resulting in a life-long habit of enjoying athletics and pursuing a fit lifestyle.”

Brady King AKA “BK” AKA “Cheese” : VP Training & DX3 Co-founder

Brady King AKA “BK” AKA “Cheese”

VP Training & DX3 Co-founder

BS Science, CPT, DX3 Youth Performance Director

Growing up with parents who were both sport and strength and conditioning coaches, performance training has been part of my entire life. Being a kid trapped in an adults body has allowed me the skill set I need to pursue my love and passion for working with kids. Understanding the importance of engagement, connection, attention span and just plain old FUN, helps me provide kids the most positive experience while training. By getting kids exciting about training and making it something they look forward to, we can create passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle before, during and after sports. This can, has, and will continue to change the course of kids lives! "Training youth athletes with a smile on my face and a song in my heart building champions."

Goals: To put others in a position to be successful and make everybody around me better!

Sara Fusco AKA “The Professor” : VP Operations & DX3 Co-founder

Sara Fusco AKA “The Professor”

VP Operations & DX3 Co-founder

BS Biology, Operations and Logistics Specialist

Being a teacher, coach, and athlete at heart, it is only natural that kids are a huge part of my life. Teaching for over 20 years, coaching 20 and playing soccer for 21, my life is teaching, sports and training kids. Teaching high school science allows me the ability to cross-pollinate teaching into every training session and training into every classroom lesson. I believe that athletes must grow in knowledge and understanding to truly implement the mechanics and techniques necessary to progress as an athlete. By keeping the training fun, intense, and progressive, I strive to engage athletes gaining their trust helping them sharpen their sword.

Alex Pena  AKA “Mechanic” : DX3 Injury/Corrective Management Specialist

Alex Pena AKA “Mechanic”

DX3 Injury/Corrective Management Specialist

MS Kinesiology, NSCA - CSCC, NASM CPT, OPT, CES, PES, Strength & Conditioning Coach: Prince of Peace Christian School

I’ve been involved in training for 15 years now, the last 5 years as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Prince of Peace Christian School (Carrollton, Texas) and DX3. My passion for helping kids get healthy, stay healthy and being part of their personal growth and success is what I live for.

Robbie Cardenas : Performance Specialist

Robbie Cardenas

Performance Specialist

M.S. Human Performance, USAW, CPT/PES

Rob has been involved with sports and fitness his entire life earning high accolades as a football player under the legendary coach Tom Chavez at Rivera High School in Brownsville TX. Rob was 1 st Team All Area, All District and All City in District 32-5A play. Having such a great, inspirational leader inspired Rob to become passionate about leading youth and pursuing a career in the Health and Fitness field specializing in Athletic Performance. Rob went on to earn his B.S. Exercise Science and M.S. Human Performance from the University of Texas Brownsville. He continued to elevate his knowledge and education by obtaining his USAW Sports Performance Coach, NASM CPT/PES, has researched for the NIH and is currently completing his CSCS while being a published author for the IJES. With over 7 years of training experience Rob now continues to learn, develop and master training modalities and corrective practices to positively impact athletes and improve their athletic ability.

Zack Gillen AKA “Smolder” : Performance Specialist

Zack Gillen AKA “Smolder”

Performance Specialist

BS, MS Exercise Physiology, CSCS, USAW- Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CPR/AED

I've been involved in the strength & conditioning profession for 3 years as both an intern and graduate assistant strength & conditioning coach for Midwestern State University. I am passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals through improving health, self confidence, teaching them how to safely and effectively train, and teaching them good values.

Samantha Gillen AKA “Smordor” : Performance Specialist

Samantha Gillen AKA “Smordor”

Performance Specialist

BSIS, NSCA-CPT, USAW- Sports and Performance Coach,  CPR/AED

Having grown up as an athlete I was never taught the true value of strength and conditioning. I have developed a desire for learning the most effective training methodologies and want to be able to teach kids the importance of including strength and conditioning in their athletic development. I have been coaching kids for 5 years and love the opportunity to make an impact in their lives.