Why Train with DX3?

kids sports

DX3 cares enough about your kids to take the time to teach them and ensure they are confident and comfortable executing our instruction. It is important that they have a positive experience associated to training and that positive experience fuels their drive. The passion that your kids have is what fuels our passion to make them better. WE Teach, THEY Learn, Success Happens.

“If your child is not learning it’s because their instructor is not teaching them in a way that they will understand. Our biggest goal is to ensure that your child not only learns the correct methodology in training but has the ability to apply it in all environments in which they operate.

What is the DX3 Philosophy?

Understanding kid-centric programming while engaging kids as we teach them and watch them learn, develop and master the art and science of fitness as they build self-confidence is all part of our mission.

How will my child benefit from DX3?

We believe that every child regardless of their level, talent or skill set should have the opportunity to be properly developed mentally, physically and athletically. At DX3 every child, whether an athlete or not, at every level is equally important, because to your child and to us, what they do matters.