Experience & History

What Makes DX3 Training Different is How it Began

youth sports trainingSome young kids have a knack to achieve at a particular activity or sport…or not. That talent or lack thereof is typically discovered by a parent or a coach at a very, early age. From there, many dollars are spent on training, and sometimes growth is made by the child only to be overwhelmed in the face of overload, injury, bad experience or some real competition at the next level.

That was the norm until DX3 was created in 2010 by Athletic Development curriculum innovator Ronnie Natali, a 24 year veteran in youth training. He is the founder of A to Z Coach, a company of A to Z Athletes LLC. “Every child deserves the absolute best opportunity to build a positive foundation around their training experience!” RN

DX3 was intentionally designed to cater to the current generation’s mindset. Our program is based on proven core principles in youth fitness training that Ronnie and his team of experts have dubbed “DX3.”

Each year, this curriculum is utilized across Texas by more than 5,000 coaches and 250,000 student athletes in more than 50 school districts – and now it’s your turn.

That’s where the fun really begins as we train for life and do it all…from A to Z.