athletic development

Athletic Development Assistance for Coaches

Coach, ever wish you could do more to help your players be better athletes?

It’s your team, it’s your time, it’s your training… You’re running the show and DX3 is your co-pilot.

Wish there was a way to not take too much skills time out of your practice yet still incorporate sports performance training?

What if there was a program that would give you the resources to make it easy to teach your kids all of the proper techniques in athletic development?

Now there is, DX3 offers safe, age appropriate Athletic Development from a team of experts who understands the needs of coaches and their kids.

Not only do we offer on-site or in-house training services at multiple facilities, we are developing supplemental programs you can prescribe to your athletes.

Coaches are our business because you hold the relationship and the liability of your athletes. Our sister company A to Z Coach was the first company to create Athletic Development Curriculum that was adopted by 50 districts in TX, train over 5,000 coaches and be implemented by over 1M kids.

DX3 is now available to you and your athletes and will soon be completely virtual.

Please Contact Us today so we can work with you to make your job easier and your kids better.