About Us

Premier Youth Fitness Programs

Dedication. Determination. Domination.

youth fitness programsDX3 teaches and practices a methodology of cognitive learning through instructional and physical application. Speed, agility and fitness can be taught and continuously improved using the right methodology. The key is to ensure the child understands the proper techniques, how to implement them and how they are applicable to their improved performance. At DX3 that’s what we do!

DX3 has 2 main goals- “Improving kids self confidence and performance.” Our team sees every child as an opportunity to instill life change, direction, confidence and positive values. We are different because we teach, our kids learn and the lessons are taken with them for life. DX3 is more than just a collection of youth fitness programs, or some YouTube video. We deliver a training system that develops agility, speed and strength for youth regardless of activity.

Our Vision

As leaders of kids, we want to empower them in a positive direction to embrace the life elements and ethics that will develop them into great adults.

Our Mantra

“Good athletes are born…Great kids are developed!”