Youth Sports Training and Athletic Performance Training

We are not ordinary like the other guys or just another workout program…

DX3 is about changing lives while instilling passion and confidence through positive experience

Team DX3 is a team of youth sports training and athletic performance training experts passionately committed to improving the lives of kids through Athletic Development and Lifestyle Performance. DX3 delivers an age and need-appropriate training regimen that is designed to meet kids where they are and take them where they want to be.

I am Strong, I am Fast, I am Confident…I am a DX3 Athlete!

DX3 teaches and practices a methodology of cognitive learning through instructional and physical application. Speed, agility and athleticism can be taught and continuously improved using the right methodology. The key is to ensure the athlete understands the proper techniques, how to implement them and how they are applicable to their improved performance. At DX3 that’s what we do!

  • Come try our small group training at the Jungle for free and see why your kids will ask to come back.